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  Salient Features


Windows Based: The Package is designed to work on the most modern MS Windows platform (Wndows Xp and above, 32 bit or 64 bit version). This gives us chance to incorporate all the latest technology and also support all the latest variety of internal or external hardware


Easy to use: The package is extremely user friendly, driven by an intuitive menu system, and presents the very same Windows like interface which everybody is already familiar with. So you don't have to learn every thing from the scratch.


Quality Designing: The package has been designed keeping in mind the smoothness and ease of use in all its operations and functions. There is an easy navigation system to track all your entries, and reports are linked to entries and other related reports through a bird-eye-view system. You can open multiple windows simultaneously to do multiple jobs at a time


GST Compliant: Given the fact that GST has been imposed in India, our softwares have been updated to comply with most of the new rules and regulations, and they now include the billing procedure, accounting reports and generation of online GST return files etc. as per the new system.


Billing in Hindi: For all those lovers of our national language, there is a facility to generate bills in Hindi. And you don't even have to learn Hindi typing for that.


Bar code Facility: In order to modernize your inventory management, you can take advantage of a BarCode generation facility. The package can generate both the human and machine readable BarCode stickers, which can be used to identify your stock and facilitate fast billing.


Multi-User Enabled: Today, moving from the status of having one computer towards having more than one computers is no more a big deal for any progressive business. Hence more often than not, you need a software which can be used on all computers connected to each other through a LAN or a WAN. This package is just ready for that.


Online Updation: Whenever a new version of our software is launched, including any changes and/or corrections, it is made available through our online servers. You can download them at your convenience at any time 24 hours 365 days.


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