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  Agency Accounting

This package is designed to meet all the common accounting, billing and stock keeping needs of a company working as a distribution agency for some products. This package can be used to record all your sale, sale return, purchase, purchase return, item batches, item variants (i.e. shades, sizes, odors etc.), schemes, claims, stock transfer to/from delivery vans, packing list, collections by delivery boys etc. besides normal accounting transactions like payments, receipts, adjustments etc. All the transactions like sale bill and others can be printed in the form of a document to issue it to a party or for internal filing. With the help of all above entries, the package generates all the commonly required reports related to sales, purchase, stock and all customary account books right up to the balance sheet.

Open Company
Select Branch / Year
Change Company Information
Close Company
Print Setup
Log On/Off
Last Reports …
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Account Groups
Account Heads
Item Groups
Item Heads
Item Batches
Item Variants
Item Composition
Sale …
     Sale Bill
     Sale Return
Purchase …
     Purchase Bill
     Purchase Return
Packing/Delivery Voucher
Stock Transfer
Vouchers …
     Cash Receipt Vouchers
     Cash Payment Vouchers
     Bank Receipt Vouchers
     Bank Payment Vouchers
     Journal Vouchers
Party Rates Discounts
Bills And Payments
Rewrite Books
Merge Heads …
     Merge Account Heads
     Merge Item Heads
Yearly Process
Cheque Manager …
     Print Cheques
List Of Masters …
     List Of Account Groups
     List Of Account Heads
     List Of Item Groups
     List Of Item Heads
     List Of Item Compositions
Directory of Addresses …
     All Addresses List
     All Addresses Labels
     Single Address Label
     List of Contact Persons
Check Lists …
     Item Batches
     Sale Bill
     Sale Return
     Purchase Bill
     Purchase Return
     Stock Transfer
     All Vouchers
Printing Documents …
     Cash Receipt Vouchers
     Cash Payment Vouchers
     Bank Receipt Vouchers
     Bank Payment Vouchers
     Journal Vouchers
     Sale Bill Printing
     Sale Return Bill Printing
     Purchase Bill Printing
     Purchase Return Bill Printing
     Stock Transfer Voucher Printing
     Packing and Delivery Voucher
Outstandings …
     Advance From Customers
     Advance To Suppliers
     Interest On Account
     Sale Bill
     Purchase Bill
     Bill To Bill
Sales Reports …
     Sale Register
     Head Wise Sale
     Item Wise Sale
     Cash/Credit Sale Summary
     Party and Item Wise Sale Summary
     Rep's Area Wise Summary
     Sale Margin Summary
     Sale Return Register
     Claim Report
     Packing List
Purchase Report …
     Purchase Register
     Head Wise Purchase
     Item Wise Purchase
     Cash/Credit Sale Summary
     Party and Item Wise Purchase Summary
     Party Wise Purchase List
     Purhase Return Register
Stock Report …
     Position of Stock
     Stock Register
     Delivery Report
     Re Order List
Vat Report …
     Tax Return – Annexure A
     Tax Return – Annexure B
     Generate E-Return Files
Journal Book
Day Book
Cash Book
Ledger …
     Ledger of Accounts
     Reference Ledger
     Collection And Payments
     Movements of Accounts
Bank Report …
     Bank Book
     Pass Book
     Cash/Bank Summary
     Bank Reconciliation
Trial Balance
Final Accounts …
     Trading Account
     Profit and loss Account
     Balance Sheet
     Fixed Asset Schedule
Short Hand
User Id Password
Company Security
Accessibility Rights …
     Set Accessibility
     View Accessibility
Phone Dialer/SMS
Configure …
     General Options
     Tax Options
     Message on Reports …
          Credit Bills
          Trading Account
          Profit and loss Account
          Balance Sheet
          Others Reports
Data Maintenance
Close Current
Close All
Center Stack
Other Windows …
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     Control Panel
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NOTE: As the design and functionality of a software is subject to constant change and improvement, the package supplied may differ in some respects from the details given here. Please contact us for current details and a demonstration.


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