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Mentioned below are some of the frequently asked questions about our company and/or products and their answers. In case you happen to have any more queries that are not answered here, you are welcome to contact us regarding that.

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This company is about 15 years old, and was established primarily to develop customised softwares as per the needs of the clients.
We are a small yet dedicated group of computer professionals. Our team comprises of software developers, sales and market support executives, keen to give you any possible software solution. We are based in the City of Lucknow (U.P.), India, and our clients are spread in around 8 to 10 cities of U.P. Although we have provided many a customized solution to our clients, our main expertise lies in developing integrated financial accounting, billing and stock control softwares. We have been doing so under the brand name of FA (the Financial Accountant), which is now widely known and recognized as highly successful software. It is available in a number of versions suitable for different trades as mentioned in our product list.
A list of our clients is not currently made available through this web site for certain reasons. However, on your request, we can provide you a sample list of our clients of various trades in general, and also of your trade in particular.
No. Unlike many other companies, we never focused ourselves on any particular trade only. We have already developed a number of softwares under the brand name of FA (as mentioned in our product list) for various trades, and also many other highly customized solutions for individual customers. So, whatever may be your need, you can consider us as a prospective vendor.
In case your `special' need indicates to any activity that is not permissible under the law of the land, we can not help you. All our softwares include options to control only those activities that are considered to be norms, and can be justified as normal routine working in accordance with the rules and regulations laid by the authorities. So it is only up to your intelligence how you can use that framework of our software to fulfill the maximum, if not all, of your needs.
Although, both the hardware products and software products used for automations seem to relate to the same world of computers. But the exact process/steps involved, and the ingredients used to manufacture/develop them and maintain them greatly differ from each other. And because of that, the controlling factors that decide their pricing and maintenance cost etc. also differ up to a great extent. Hence, it makes absolutely no sense to relate their prices with each other and expect similar variations in them.
Many years ago, when Windows operating system was not evolved, almost all applications softwares were developed in MS-DOS platform. They primarily gave us text based interfacing, with little decoration using pseudo graphical characters. However, due to the onslaught and aftermath of MS-Windows, the scenario has completely changed. The Windows platform not only sports a very neat, attractive, intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI), but it also gives you support to use all the new variety of devices and peripherals etc. You can also take advantage of new technologies like Internet, multimedia and plug & play etc. So, if you are still using an old DOS based version of a software, it is highly recommended that you change over to a Windows based version.
As mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you go for a Windows version if you wish to buy a new software. However, as DOS based softwares are priced very low, they are still being offered as low cost solutions for people on a shoe string budget. They can get them for a starter, and later on, switch over to a Windows based version.
In case you are using a DOS based software earlier provided by us, and want to upgrade it to a Windows version which is also provided by us, then we can help you out by providing you a data conversion utility program. This program will transfer all data from our DOS based software to our Windows based software. However, if you are using a DOS based software provided by some other vendor, then our experts can judge the extent we can help you in this regard only after doing a case study. You may contact us with the full details of your current software.
A full version of a software consists of all the options, functions, features, facilities and modules we have developed so far and/or can be included in that software as per the area of its application. A full version is always comprehensive in nature, whereas a Lite version is generally a downgraded or a diluted or a stripped off version, hence a light version (popularly tagged as Lite version) of the full software. It includes only those options, which are considered almost mandatory for the requirement of a trade and/or should be there to make up for the product value. A Lite version is generally priced lower than the full version, in order to give you a low investment option to start from.
Yes. If you want to purchase (or have already purchased) a Lite version of a package in order to keep your investment low, it can be upgraded to the full version at any point of time later on, and all the data will automatically get transferred into that. However, you will need to pay the difference of the prices of the two versions.
A single user version of a software is installed on one computer (generally a standalone computer) and used by one user at a time. The multi-user version is installed on a computer that is connected to other computers in a networked environment, and thus acts as a server for that software. In this manner, multiple users can simultaneously access the same software and its data from different terminal computers. As all the users share the same data, any changes/updates are immediately reflected to all of them. However, the server computer must be up and functioning properly in order to work from any terminal computer.
Yes. All our packages are multi-user enabled, i.e. they can work in a multi-user environment. However, their capability to handle concurrent users and the quantum of transactions made simultaneously may vary as per different versions used (Standard or Enterprise), as explained in the following question.
The Standard and Enterprise versions of our softwares are same as far as the functions and features exposed to the user at the front end are concerned. The difference lies in their internal capabilities to support different kinds of databases. The Standard version uses the default Windows database (which is actually a MS Jet database, popularly known as Access database) for its storage. It can handle data files up to 2 GB, and also gives you multi-user support in a limited workload environment. The Enterprise version uses SQL Server database for all its storage purpose. It is client-server technology database, and supports much larger amount of data files and bears heavy workload in a single-user or multi-user environment.
Currently, the enterprise versions of our packages are shipped with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition. This edition is license free, i.e. you do not have to pay any License fee to Microsoft for its usage. It can handle databases up to 4 GB (i.e. the disk size limit of one data file). Usually, this limit is large enough for the needs of a majority of small to medium level business organizations. But in case your data (of one single financial year) is likely to exceed this limit, you may have to switch over to the higher versions of MS SQL Server 2008 (which are Workgroup edition, Standard edition and Enterprise edition). All these higher versions can handle much larger amount of data, besides their extended hardware capabilities like accessing more RAM, using multiple CPUs etc. However, unlike the Express edition, all these higher versions are not free, and you may have to pay the license fee to Microsoft for their usage as applicable at that time. Please visit the web site of Microsoft Inc. or contact their local dealer for more technical and financial details.
Yes. Firstly, you must get an Enterprise version of the software (if you already haven't), as it is a prerequisite for WAN support. Secondly, there must be some arrangement to link up the server computer, placed at one geographical location, to the other terminal computer(s) placed at various other locations. However, the exact technologies and/or methodologies required to do so can not be mentioned here, as there are a great number of technical and financial parameters to consider upon, and the same goal can be achieved in many different ways. Our experts can suggest which one suits to you only after doing a case study. Please contact us in this regard.
No. As the development, installation, training and implementation of a software is a kind of service, where no physical item is transferred. Henceforth, it is non-returnable, non-re-salable, non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

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